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Board of Directors

We believe that having an excellent Board of Directors is vital to the continued success of First Berne Financial Corporation.

The board is comprised of nine competent individuals from the local community who have dedicated themselves to providing insightful direction and leadership to the Corporation and First Bank of Berne, and to do so with integrity. Each member brings distinctive knowledge and expertise from the business world as well as an understanding of community values and interests.

By combining their seasoned experience and backgrounds, the board members form the team which is essential to provide leadership and to make decisions that favorably impact the bank, shareholders and customers.

Board of Directors

David Baumgartner
Chairman of the Board
Kent Liechty
First Bank of Berne
Daryl Martin
Retired Executive Director
Swiss Village
Paul D. Zuercher
Retired Business Executive
and Consultant
Lindsey R. Beer
Operations Manager
Zurcher Best-One Tire
Lisa Girod
Honegger, Ringger & Co.
Matthew Subler
Sales Manager
Berne Ready Mix
Roger Muselman
DRG, Inc.
Gregory Smitley
VP of Finance, CFO, COO
Huntington University