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Fisrt Bank of Berne -Business Payroll Direct Deposit

Payroll/Direct Deposit


Use our convenient Direct Deposit service to streamline your payroll processing time and reduce the number of checks you write. In addition to regular pay, expense reimbursements, pension payments, bonuses, and other deposits can also be made directly into your employees’ personal checking or savings accounts. Our full suite of other cash management tools is designed to save you time and money. We believe in helping your business grow.

With Direct Deposit, you have peace of mind knowing that payments will be made irrespective of whether you are away on business. On time payments boost employee morale and loyalty as well as give you a better understanding of your cash position so that you can make informed decisions. By keeping payroll up-to-date, you will also have more time to attend to other important aspects of your business.

At First Bank of Berne, we believe banking should be easy and use the latest technology to deliver convenient and secure services. You will find banking with us a quick and satisfying experience.

Increase Control over Cash Flow, Reduce Cost with Direct Deposit

  • Time spent in preparing payroll is greatly reduced
  • Saves the cost of printing and writing checks; you can allocate the money for other business development needs
  • Eliminates the need for re-issuing checks that are lost or stolen
  • Protects employees sensitive information, and the risk of check and identity fraud
  • There are no outstanding checks to reconcile

We Can Help Set Up Your Account

If you need more information about our Direct Deposit service for payroll, give us a call or come in to a branch today. We are always happy to serve you in person. One of our Business Banking Specialists can answer your questions and help set up your account.