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First Bank of Berne - Business Payables and Receivables

Payables and Receivables


Utilize our secure online Payables and Receivables services to efficiently manage your business finances and make productive decisions. Our cash disbursements and preauthorized payment facilities provide the control and flexibility you need to manage your funds the way you want. These user-friendly cash management tools are designed to simplify your banking tasks, thus giving you more time to focus on other business activities.

Streamlining your payables and receivables process helps reduce administrative time and cost. Our flexible products will suit both you and your customers. Take advantage of our Automated Clearing House (ACH) services to maximize your business liquidity.

At First Bank of Berne, we believe banking should be easy and consider it our responsibility to make it that way. You will enjoy 24/7 convenient and secure access to your business accounts for a full view of your cash position and account activity.

Improve Payables Efficiency, Accelerate Receivables

  • Effectively manage your payables and receivables process through our secure ACH network; both can be set up within minutes
  • Time your ACH payments and collections to optimize your liquidity
  • Improve the efficiency of your collection process
  • Reduce the time, expense, errors and risk involved in paperwork
  • Improve cash forecasts and decision making with more predictable cash flow

We Truly Care About Your Business—We Are Here to Help

Should you have any questions about our cash management services or want to discuss your unique business situation, we are happy to help. Our Business Banking Specialists will provide more details about our online Payables and Receivables tools and how you can use them to maximize your cash flow.