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In 1891, our founders established the First Bank of Berne on the unique idea that people are, and will always be, our first priority. One word you will continually hear when you hear friends and neighbors talk about us is relationship. We are committed to getting to know the people we serve. We believe in treating people the way we want to be treated, and in doing what’s right—even when no one is watching. Our customers know they can trust us to treat their money with the same care and respect we do our own. After all, our relationships with customers, friends, and neighbors are the foundation on which our bank stands.

Today, we continue to earn the business of each and every one of our customers by staying true to our founding values. Over 130 years have passed since we first opened for business in Berne, Indiana. In that time, we have added numerous local branches, empowered our customers to bank with mobile devices, and equipped them with an array of intuitively easy money management tools. Everything we do is designed to demonstrate how much we value people by making their financial lives wonderfully convenient, simple to navigate, and ultimately rewarding.

As our business has grown, we’ve come to think of ourselves as more than just your bankers, but as your friends and neighbors. Our teams are comprised of people who live and work in your community. In fact, having a local perspective, and a deep understanding of the people and businesses we serve are major keys to our ongoing success. As a local community bank, we are wholly invested in the future growth and prosperity of our community. It’s why we stand ready to help you find the best personal, business, and agribusiness solutions that will help you achieve your dreams.

People are our priority. It’s what we’ve practiced for over a century, and what we plan to keep practicing for the next century and beyond. In short, we are here for you—now and in the future.

Cover of First Bank of Berne's 2022 Annual Report

Learn more about First Bank of Berne’s 130-year history from our current and emeritus leadership team.

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