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Positive Pay


Use our Positive Pay service to reduce the risk of check fraud. This cash management tool detects fraudulent checks by matching them against the ones you present for payment. Any checks that seem suspicious to us will be held back and sent to you for verification.

With $1.2 million fraudulent checks entering the banking system each day, preventing theft through check fraud is one of the biggest concerns businesses have today. Our Positive Pay and Reverse Positive Pay services can help protect your business from losses arising from check fraud. Enroll right away!

We believe banking should be easy.  Our Positive Pay services can be established on your existing First Bank of Berne checking accounts and you can continue to use your company's current check stock.

Increase Control, Save Time and Money

  • Enjoy complete control over which checks are paid and which ones are held back
  • Identify unauthorized transactions before payment is made
  • Verify that the checks you issued are not tampered with
  • Reconcile payroll and review outstanding payments
  • Improve internal controls and reinforce audit trails

How Positive Pay Works

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  • Your company submits a check issue file to the bank
  • We compare the issue file to checks presented for payment to identify potentially fraudulent items
  • Checks that do not match your check issue file are reported to you with images through NetTeller Cash Management™
  • You advise us whether to pay those checks or return them

Call or Come in to Meet Us

Call or come in to meet us if you have any questions or need more information about our Positive Pay services. A business banking specialist will be happy to explain how you can take advantage of our cash management tools.