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Get familiar with your Chip Card

Chip cards add an additional layer of security to the safeguards that already protect your card. Each time you use your chip card, it generates a code that is unique to that transaction. This makes it harder to counterfeit your card or to use it fraudulently for in-store purchases.

Chip Cards

Benefits of Chip Technology

  • More Secure. Relax knowing your card information is nearly impossible to steal.
  • Globally accepted. Chip technology has been adapted in over 100 countries throughout the world.
  • Easy to use. Three easy steps and you’re out the door and more secure.
  • Step 1

    Insert your chip card into a chip capable terminal face up.

  • Step 2 to Using your Chip Card

    Step 2

    Follow the prompts on the terminal to approve the amount. Enter your PIN or sign your name.

  • Step 3 to Using your Chip Card

    Step 3

    Transaction approved remove your chip card when prompted.

Chip Technology FAQs


As a feature of online banking, First Bank of Berne offers all of our customers the convenient and environmentally-friendly option of e-Statements.

Visa Gift Cards

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