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Manage your debit card - Anywhere, Anytime with FBB Card Guard


First Bank of Berne’s Card Guard app is easy to use and allows for flexible spending and financial control – no matter your location.

Card Guard Benefits + Features

  • Turn your card off with the touch of a button when it’s misplaced or stolen & back on when you’re ready to use it.
  • Receive alerts right to your phone when your debit card is used
  • Monitor spending and set card limits
    • Prevent overspending
    • Protect your account from fraudulent purchases
  • Set parental controls
    • Spending limits
    • Transaction types (in-store, online, ATM, etc.)
    • Merchant transactions (gas stations, restaurants, stores, etc.)
    • Regional spending (control where cards are used)
  • Restrict where your card is used by location or merchant type
  • Customize to fit your needs and preferences

Card guard offers you financial protection and peace of mind knowing you have control over your spending.

Download the FBB Card Guard App Today!

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