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Fiechter Brothers Ag

“We believe working with a local bank who understands agriculture, and believes in who we are, is an important part of the sustainability of a family farm.”

A Sustainable Future for Your Farm

For over 3 generations, Fiechter Brothers Ag has been working with First Bank of Berne to help sustain and grow their multi-generational farm operation. Building a strong farm operation for future generations has been a continued goal for the Fiechter family. Having an opportunity to provide for their children and grandchildren was something they always hoped could happen. Working with First Bank of Berne has given them the opportunity to make that feeling of hope become a reality.

Investing in More Than Your Financials

“First Bank of Berne is filled with good people. People with integrity. People that want to build relationships and invest in not only our business, but in the livelihood of our family as well. Our lender, as well as many others at First Bank of Berne, have taken the time to sit down and listen. They are genuinely interested in learning our story and understanding our goals so they can provide sound business advice for our family and our operation – advice that we will all carry with us for years to come. We feel very humbled by that.” – Lynn Fiechter

Aligning Culture, Core Values and Goals

“We consider ourselves to be very loyal people when it comes to working with a good company that’s providing great service and shares many, if not all, of our core values. This is something we truly appreciate about First Bank of Berne. We appreciate their culture, their understanding of the ag industry, and their investment in the communities in which they’re located. That’s the kind of people we enjoy doing business with.” – Vince Fiechter

“We believe that working with a local bank that understands agriculture and believes in who we are has been a huge blessing in our lives and is helping us be a successful and sustainable business.” – Lynn Fiechter

Ag Lender: Kody Kumfer
First Bank of Berne Branch Location: Bluffton, IN
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"Our long-term vision as we grow and add units is to keep the First Bank of Berne as a part of that growth and partnership."
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