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"Before switching to First Bank of Berne, we had a meeting with our ag lenders and the President of the bank. From that moment on, we knew First Bank of Berne was the correct bank to be with. Not only do their lenders care about the future of our organization, but the President of the bank also. First Bank of Berne is different from other banks. They have a deep bench of ag lenders who have firsthand experience and knowledge, and understand our agricultural needs. From the top down, everyone we worked with had a background in farming. This was crucial for us. It meant they understood the complex part of farming – and how to best utilize our dollars year after year. They understood how cash flow can change dramatically from one year to the next – and are always looking ahead at the future of the ag industry. 

First Bank of Berne’s lending decisions aren’t made at a big corporation – they’re made local. Their entire team is deeply ingrained in the community, and they’re all involved in the process. 

We appreciate that First Bank of Berne is in it for the long run – just like we are."


“From the top down – the President has a background in farming. It isn’t just one or two lenders – it’s all the way to the top with the President knowing everything about farming.”



"Habegger Furniture has been with First Bank of Berne since the beginning in 1935."



"First Bank of Berne listened intently to what our goals were with the district. That was very impressive. You could tell they were really in tune with what we had to say, and they wanted to see us succeed and grow."



"We have never been interested in switching to another bank. The business - the support we have right now - is not worth any little bit of financial gain. With good rates and exceptional relationships, we wouldn’t ever want to bank anywhere else."