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We were originally working with First Bank of Berne for a regular mortgage. When we found this particular farm, we decided it was time to put up the money we saved and buy this piece of land. We went into First Bank of Berne thinking we were going to put 20% down, buy the land and then wonder where the rest of the cash to operate would come from. After meeting with the First Bank of Berne team, we were able to stretch our basic investment into land, machinery, and barns. They helped us maximize our initial investment and, quite frankly, got us going.

We appreciate the time and energy that the staff at First Bank of Berne have put into our farm and our operation. We like the fact that we can sit down and have a business conversation with them, and that we’re never worried about if they will give us what we need to progress our operation. When we sit down with First Bank of Berne, they ask us “What’s your business plan?” and then determine how we can make it happen and stretch our dollar furthest to get us where we want to go.

First Bank of Berne has played a major role in helping us purchase the equipment we need, farm the way we want to farm, and make the decisions that we need to make in order to be successful.


"We have never been interested in switching to another bank. The business - the support we have right now - is not worth any little bit of financial gain. With good rates and exceptional relationships, we wouldn’t ever want to bank anywhere else."



"From the top down – the President has a background in farming. It isn’t just one or two lenders – it’s all the way to the top with the President knowing everything about farming."



"Habegger Furniture has been with First Bank of Berne since the beginning in 1935."



"First Bank of Berne listened intently to what our goals were with the district. That was very impressive. You could tell they were really in tune with what we had to say, and they wanted to see us succeed and grow."