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Using your First Bank of Berne Visa Check card is just like writing a check -- the money is withdrawn from your account. But, it is faster and more convenient than a check, because you use your check card just like a credit card! Faster than a check, more convenient than a visit to the ATM, and safer than cash -- your check card is a great way to make purchases.

Visa Check Card Features

  • Worldwide acceptance (everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted)
  • Deduct purchases from your First Bank of Berne account
  • Eliminate the hassle of writing checks
  • Sign for purchases like a credit card or use your PIN
  • ATM cash withdrawals using your PIN
  • Fraud monitoring with Text Alerts
  • Enhanced Security with Chip Card technology
  • Link your First Bank of Berne check card to a mobile wallet app on your smartphone and your card becomes even more convenient.